Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, so so sorry!!
It's been a while but now I think I'm back on track again.
Thing is, I've started a new job again. And I absolutely love it!
But there is a lot to learn so I've been kinda busy.
This morning I came to work an hour before I actually start
since I had to sleap at my boyfriend's place and he had to leave early.
Sure, I could have taken the train. But I would have to walk for about 15 min
to even get to the train and it's freezing cold outside!! His warm car
seemed like a much better idea. But dont worry, I wont be doing anything remotely
work-related until I have to.
After work we're all going out.
Some fancy place that is putting on one of those christmas/dinner
shows if u know what I mean. If you dont here's what's gonna happen.
I will eat way too much, drink too much
and feel terrible waking up tomorrow for work again =P
Keep u posted!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The T-shirt

Okay, so ever since my roommate moved out of our huge appartment
due do the fact that we were on the verge of killing each other
after sharing it for about 10 months,
I've tried convincing myself the apartment is
somewhat smaller than it actually is. How have I done this u ask?
By shutting the door to one of the rooms
and pretending like it does not exist.
This room has become the place where I stuff everything
I don't know what to do with.
A.k.a clothes I've grown sick of
and a collection of movies and books and just various crap.
I know, I know, you could just throw the shit out but come on.
I'm lazy and I know it.

Anyway, I decided to go through some of the clothes in there
to see if I could find anything worth using once again. Turns out
most of the clothing I've stuffed in there had been retired from
my wardrobe for a good reason, so no such luck. I did however
stumble on to something that I had forgotten about. A t-shirt.
Not mine, it belonged to someone of the opposite sex. But this t-shirt
comes with a story. And being the generous me that I am I think I'm gonna
share it with you...

This was last winter.
Me and my roommate had just moved here
and went out for some partying and maybe more. The truth?
We were both kinda looking for some lovin for the night and being
the dancing queens that we are, it didn't take very long for the guys to
start trying to put the moves on us. But since part of the fun is
teasing the poor blokes we sticked to dancing for a while first.

As the night went on one particular guy caught my attention
and we started dancing. One thing lead to another and while
we were kissing on the dancefloor suddenly this guy lifts me up
and carries me off the dancefloor and up against the wall.
I can't even begin to explain how hot this was. Just take my word for it.

So as you've probably figured out by now, we left.
Took a cab and went back to my place.
But since there was alcohol in the picture
he had some difficulty performing, if you know what I mean
so I tried "raising" the heat again with my hands,
and just when we were getting the heat back,
what do you think he does...?
Gets. A. Little. Too. Hot.
Oh yes. Show's over. Before it even began.

Imagine having found the perfect pair of stilettos,
then finding out they don't have them in your size.
But then! Like a miracle, they find an extra pair stuffed away
somewhere. You put them on, stand in front of the mirror
sooo happy! And then the heal suddenly breaks.

That's how I felt. He was so hot, and then sooo not.
I was sooo disapointed and not very good at hiding it.
Didn't actually try to be honest with you,
I just mumbled something not so nice and then just went to sleep.
And before you start critizising me about being a bitch to the poor
guy I really have to say that had this been someone I knew
I probably would have handled it more delicately but seriously!
It was a one night stand!!

Woke up the next morning only to find he was gone.
But...he had apparently been in such a hurry to leave (who can blame him,
talk about embarrasing moment) that he had left without his t-shirt.
I later found it at the end of my bed but slightly hidden
so I can understand why he couldnt find it.
I can just picture him now, trying to find all his clothes while terrified
that the evil girl will wake up before he has time to leave.
Then having to escape without his t-shirt. Brrr, cold!
Then next dilemma. Since we took a cab to my place
he probably had no idea where he was or how to get home.
Hope he had money for a cab at least =P

The t-shirt has now been thrown away. I didn't really wanna
risk mr Skydiver finding it and asking who it belonged to.
This story doesnt really show the best side of me...

In conclusion?
Think it's safe to say that one nighters
don't always go as planned.

So please!
Share with me your worst sexual one night stands!
Either here or in your own blogs. Just be sure
to tell me so I can read it!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


My plan to make some serious pay-back-noises last friday
went excellent! Me and the girls got really drunk and
sang along to my Singstar game until 2:00 am. And this without
any of my neighbours or local policeofficers coming by to tell us to shut up!!
Apparently the people living in my building are better than I thought.

Mr Skydiver came by at about 1 am and he said he could hear us
from three buildings away...that's quite an achievement, don't you think?
This meant he got to meet a couple of my friends too.
One of them stole him right away. She was in desperate need
for some advice about some guy she's seeing and
figured it was a great chance of getting a guy's perspective on things.
I tried to get him to sing some karaoke but I failed...
Guys can be sooo boring when it comes to making a complete fool
of yourself. Luckilly, me and the girls don't have that problem.

Next day, after curing my hangover with some pizza
it was time to get dolled up again to go to Mr skydiver.
His brother was turning 25 and had invited both of us to the party.
Was the first time I got to meet the brother and he was FINE...
Good looks must run in the family.
Nice to know if I get tired of this one :P

Gotta go now, waiting on said skydiver to come by here
after being out drinking with his school-buddys.
He has the day off from school tomorrow so he's being kind
enough to lend me his hungover tired ass. Sweet huh?
But I've been home with a cold for three days
so in revenge I thought I'd give it to him.
Now if that's not a caring girlfriend, I don't know what is.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mission tonight: to drive my neighbours crazy!!

Apparently I have gotten addicted to Singstar.
If you don't know about it, it's karaoke in your own home =P
Very amusing, especially when there's alcohol involved.
Tonight me and the girls are going at it again. This time at my place.

I feel the urge for revenge after waking up at 5:am this morning
due to some strange noises coming from the apartment upstairs.
Yep, you guessed it. They were going at it like bunnies.
And this woman makes the strangest sex-noises I've ever heard.
Can't explain it, but imagine the most annoying sound
that keeps on playing like a broken record without ever changing.
I mean, I'm all for making noises while doing it but come on.
This woman sounds like she is trying to copy something
out of a bad bad porno.
And then,
just when things go quiet and you think they're done,
she starts all over again....

So tonight, it's payback time. Oh yeah.
I'm going to choose the most challenging song I can find
and then I'm dedicating that song to the bunnies upstairs.
I'm actually gonna stand on my couch to get closer to their apartment
and then sing my little heart out.

I just realized, if I can hear them so clearly
then they can probably hear me and mr skydiver too.
And although I don't sound like her (I seriously hope so at least)
I am quite loud....
Mr Skydiver is coming by here tonight after partying,
maybe I'll seduce him and add to my revenge?
Sounds like a plan. A good one too.
Wonder if my neighbours would agree?

I really should be getting ready now instead of wasting time here.
The girls are coming by in an hour.
Must. Stop.Blogging...Now.

Have a freaky friday!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Drinks and girltalk

Sorry guys!!
I haven't had time to write about the getting lost episode,
I'll have to save that for later. Tonight I'm of to a night of girlie drinks,
karaoke and girltalk with some girls I've gotten to know through skydiving.
And with that combination, what could possibly go wrong??

And on saturday my sexy skydiver is coming by early
to pull my hungover ass out of bed.
We're meeting some of my friends
at the amusement park, where I'll be spending a couple of hours
trying to avoid throwing up while going on the craziest rides we can find.
And then me and my man are going
to see the movie Stardust where after stuffing myself
with popcorn, I'll probably fall asleep
since I'm not counting on getting home early tonight.
After the movie I plan on getting him drunk instead,
so he'll spill all his little dirty secrets to me.
I see nothing wrong with this picture either.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I know, I know. I promised an update on saturday
but guess what? I lied. I tend to do that sometimes.
And sunday works too :P

Anyway, So I met the family yesterday.
It was all very undramatic. It was only his mother
and his little sis since the dad was working late.
His sister was however a little surprised since Mr Skydiver
had totally convinced her that I was someone from the radio.
Big brothers...I'm so thankful I don't have one.

So I'm sorry, no juicy stories to tell about the meeting!!
But friday really made me realize that damn, I really like this guy.
A lot. A whole lot actually.
And what makes it so much better is that he really
likes me too. Isn't it great when that happends? =P

...just noticed that this post must be incredibly boring
for you guys to read and so I promise to make it up to you tomorrow.
If nothing really interesting happends, I'm gonna share the embarrasing
incident involving me, a friend and getting lost in the woods.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Meeting the parents...

Yep, just when things are going really great with my Skydiver
he springs it on me that today I will be meeting his parents...
Lucky me, huh?
I mean, don't get me wrong,
parents actually tend to instantly love me.
But it's always a little (read: a lot) nervous meeting someones family.
Of course it's not just the parents either,
it's the brother and sister too.
And there's always that chance of me saying something really stupid
or me doing something even more stupid in front of them.
Being a frequent reader of Steph I will however make sure I don't
do the celebration dance if it goes well...
You who've read it know what I'm talking about :P
Just wish me luck okay?

Tell you all about it on saturday!

But until I do, here's something you just have to watch.
It's a recording of a swedish host who does something
quite unusual, at least when it comes to live tv...
It's loaded with english subs so you'll understand!

Press here please

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh yes!!

Hell yeah!!!
Say congrats people cause this weekend I did it!
I am now a Skydiver for real!

I have my A-certificate!
Two jumps on Saturday with an instructor
and then three jumps all by myself on Sunday and that was it!
It was sooooo fantastic!!!
Now I'm just hoping my crappy ex-job pays me
before the weekend cause then I can jump some more =)

Oh, here's an update on the job situation too.

People say it's hard to get a job these days.
Ha! Not if you're me apparently. I've been unemployed
for maybe a week and a half and already I have a job, starting on Monday.
I also have an interview tomorrow with another company
(gotta keep your options open right??)
and a third company called while I was being interviewed
for the first job and left a voicemail.
I then got interviewed by that person on the phone,
still waiting to hear if they want me to come by for a real one,
but it sounded promising.
So maybe I'll get to pick and choose from potential jobs
instead of begging someone to employ me!!
Problem is...
I don't know which one I'd choose from these three.
What if I pick the wrong one!!??
Can't I just have two weeks at each job and then decide?
No? Crap.

Well, Well. At least I am a Skydiver now!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The soap-opera of my small town...

So I'm back from my visit of la familia and before that
I engaged in a weekend of not skydiving,
crappy weather as usual...
I'm giving it another try this weekend...
It's always interesting to get the latest small town news
whenever I visit the family there.
It's like watching an episode of a really corny soap I tell you.
Here's a takeout of the plot.

My uncle, on my fathers side, his wife
passed away in her sleap about two and a half years ago.
It was all really tragic and unexpected, she was only in her fifties.
This of course left my uncle devastated and
since my family on my fathers side is pretty huge
we all pitched in and tried to be there for him.

Even my aunt (on my mothers side)
who had been close to his wife was there for him.
I think they actually supported each other,
since my aunt had a lot of problems with her ex.
That would be the abusive rat that unfortunately
happends to be the father of her twelve (or something)
year old son that she had finally
a couple months earlier left for good.

Anyway, they spent quite a lot of time together
and the classic scenario took place as it sometimes does
when two people get so close,
they fell in love.

At first they kept quiet about it
but when she finally told me I had already figured it out.
It was kinda obvious for us who knew her well.
Now, my uncle and his previous wife has three
kids from the ages of 26 to 30 something.
They were not happy about this,
and after a lot of drama which I'm not even gonna bring up here
two of them completely stopped talking to their father and still don't.
They accused my aunt of being a golddigger
(my uncle has a lot of money)
and a parasite which drives me insane cause it couldn't be further
from the truth and they should know this.
The oldest son has from what I can understand
accepted their relationship and I think they all get along quite okay.
That is until we learned that the wife of this son
is spredding lies about my aunt and badmouthing her behind her back.
And get this, she still has the nerve to
use my aunt for babysitting!!
How we found out about the lies?
Another uncle of mine (fathers side) heard her talking.
But he refuses to be a part of a confrontation
because he doesnt want any drama.
Well, maybe you shouldnt have said anything to begin with??
And also, she works at the first uncles office
(if you can call surfing the internet
when she should be doing her job working...)
and we now suspect she is stealing money from him.

So we have this on-going drama and here's
a bit more to add.

# Gossiping uncle who has a polish wife
who only talks about money, money money.

#A cousin who almost dropped out of high school
but did manage to graduate and is now going back
and forth to Germany buying huge amounts of alcohol
which he then sells illegaly here.

# A brother of mine who is completely addicted
to some computergame and becomes violent
when he is away from it for too long, or
when someone says something he doesn't want to hear.

# My grandparents on my mothers side who are full on drunks
and have always been. The grandmother is also bordering on anorectic
and I'm not sure but I think she's tried killing my grandfather
on more than one occasion.

Need I go on?? Trust me, I have more.
It's kind of interesting though, I actually used
to be the bad seed in our family.
Now as you can see we have quite a few who is far
worse than I ever was =P

It's nice to see my family but it just feels
so good to be back in the real world again.
Going skydiving tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend.
(I hope)

Party people, do a tequila-shot for me!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Would you hire me??

Not quite free of the cold just yet but I've decided
I'm well enough to go skydiving this weekend.
This time we'll be going to a dropzone
a bit further from where I live and there we don't have the restrictions
we do at the regular dz which makes my chances of completing
a few jumps so much higher...maybe I'll even finish my A-certificate!?
Fingers crossed as usual =)

There's really no point in me hanging around here anyway
since I'm officially unemployed now...
yep, thursday this week
me and the girl I work with quit our jobs and just left.
It's been a long time coming since the company I work,
well guess "worked" for
hasn't been doing to well the last couple of months.
I did think for a while that things would improve
but at the end my boss was starting to turn our office
and my work assignments into something
I wasn't prepared to go along with.
He did say he wanted me to stay but listen to this, he couldn't guarantee
that I'd be getting paid for the work I'd be doing!?? What, did he think
I'd want to work for free?? Don't think so!
So we just left. And now we've contacted our union so they'll make
sure we get our final paychecks.

I'm not worried though. I feel confident I'll get another job soon enough.
But until then I'm gonna enjoy having a little free time.
Next week I'll be visiting my family in the small town.
Figure I'll stay there for a couple of days, free food is always nice =P
Don't think I'll stay too long though, my family usually gets
on my last nerves even when I'm only there for a weekend.
And besides, I have a hot guy here I can't stay away from too long.
The guys in the small town...not to eager to see them.
A lot of exes and a lot of drama...
I'm thinking I'll just stay in my familys house
and just not go out at all.
That really feels like the safest bet.
Have a great weekend and drink a couple of vodka shots for me too!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Someone hates me...

Well, no skydiving this weekend =(
Crappy weather in combination with a lot of new students
scheduled to complete their 1 level jumps made me
stay home instead of going to the dropzone. But next weekend
we are all going to another dropzone that thankfully don't
have the restrictions that our DZ has. I plan
on making 3-4 jumps and if everything goes well I might
even complete my A-certificate!! But
just to complete aff levels 6 and 7 would make me very happy.

I did however get to spend some more time
with my skydiver. I think I'm really starting
to like him...and it scares the crap out of me to be honest...
But I'm trying to ignore that feeling...for now.

He spent the night here and we both took the
same tram to work/school.
The lack of seats left us standing and after about
10 min it was getting very crowded in there
and I suddenly started feeling very dizzy.
Everything started spinning and I couldn't see straight
so I sat down against the wall waiting for it to go away.
It did...while I was down. Everytime I tried getting up
it took a few seconds and once again I felt like I
was gonna pass out. Pretty sure I freaked out mr skydiver a bit.
Hell, I was freaked out, it was scary!
Finally a lady offered me her seat
since she could see I wasn't feeling to hot.
By now I thought it had passed and after making
sure I could manage on my own my skydiver
left me at his stop to get to class.

I kept going for a few stops but I only got worse
and when I had made it almost to work
I realized I had to go home again.
Did I mention it takes me an hour to get to work
and therefore an hour to get back??
It felt like it took forever to get home again.
But when I did, I crashed on my couch and slept
until late afternoon when I woke up with a nasty cold
and a head that felt like a bowling ball.

Guess I'm sick. Again. Great.
If my memory isn't too shitty
I seem to recall it wasn't that long ago
since the last time I was sick.
Tnx a lot.What did I do to deserve this??
Be back when my head stops pounding,
my nose isn't running and I don't
look like someone who has been dead for weeks.
I have a bottle of vodka at home.
I'm thinking of downing it just to see if it will
kill all the bad shit in my system.
I mean, a hangover has got to
be nicer that this, right??

See ya.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some valuable life-lessons from me to you.

# Why running to avoid missing the bus is a bad idea.
While running, your phone could accidently fall out of
your pocket without you noticing. You could then proceed
to panic on the bus when noticing it's gone and force the busdriver to stop
the bus after going 1 ½ stops. I'm pretty sure he thought I'd lost
my mind but no, just the phone.
Thankfully I found it on the parkinglot but
I was then forced to stand in the cold (yeah, it's cold here now)
and await the next bus...
I hardly ever run to catch the bus, mostly cause
the shoes I normally wear arent really meant for running
but this time my co-worker forced me.
Lesson learnt, next time she can catch that bus
while I walk slow enough to catch the next one instead.

# Why giving your lover/boyfriend/date or whatever
the spare keys to your place is also just a bad idea.
Did my laundry last night and since I don't trust my
neighbours, (washing mashine's at the bottom of the building)
after loading the machines with laundry I put
a padlock on the door and then went back upstairs.
After an hour I went back there and was just about
to open the lock when I froze up.
The key, the only key to this lock, it wasn't on my keychain.
Any guesses on where this key was??
You should have figured it out by now.
On the keychain I gave to him, there it was...
I knew it was a bad idea him having those stupid keys!!
Since he was a a coctailparty (some student thingie)
It took me over an hour to go get the key.
By that time I could forget about using the dryer
so now there's wet clothes and bedding covering practically
my entire apartment.
He only gave me the key to the padlock though,
and kept the other keys, smart boy huh?
But since I later woke up due to a hottie
crawling into my bed, I'd say it's okey that he has them...for now.

Oops, better get back to work now.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

5 down, 5 to go!

Ok, been a lazy blogger this weekend.
Here's the update. First, skydiving-business.
This is for you Mark, since you're clearly not interested in hearing
about anything else but the lovemaking to the sky =P

Jump #5 completed!!
I was supposed to have made two jumps on Saturday
but the weather took a turn for the worse before it was my turn
so they cancelled it. But still, at least I got to jump out of the plane once.
Since it had been about a month since jump #4
I have to admit I was a bit nervous which I'm usually not.
But as soon as I had left the plane
and once again found myself soaring through the sky
it was all good. It all came back to me and it felt great!
I messed up a bit with the landing though
and had to land at an alternative landingfield.
That's kind of become my thing, I'm quite the expert
at landing outside of the actual field...
But I still passed aff level 5 without problems
according to my instructor.
Would have loved to complete level 6 as well, in that one
I get to dive out of the plane and then proceed with 2 backflips!
Can't wait!!
Fingers crossed for good weather next weekend!!
I'm so close to having my A-certificate now!!

Since Mr Skydiver just started studying in august
and will be the victim of the student hazing for the next month
he didn't join me to the dropzone this time.
I went there alone but of course I wasn't lonely.
The dropzone was loaded with hotties!
It's really nice sometimes that us girls
are a minority at the dropzone.
Especially when you're packing up your chute after having jumped.
(I absolutely hate this part!!)
All you have to do is look a little helpless
or maybe just even bored for a few seconds
and all of the sudden you have more than one of these
boys packing up your chute for you
and flirting shamelessly in the progress.
I know, I'm bad and will eventually have to learn
to do this properly myself but I just didn't feel like it this time!
And it's good to know you don't always have to =P

Sunday I was suppose to go to the dropzone once again
but as I mentioned the weather sucked so i stayed home
just doing nothing all day.
While I was doing just this, nothing
the doorbell suddenly rang followed with the turning of keys
and Mr Skydiver standing there all surprised to see me.
He thought I'd be at the dropzone and had
just stopped by to grab his bag full of books for school
that he had left there earlier last week.
Don't really know if I like him having keys to my place...
Sometimes it's good, like tonight when he's
sleeping at my place but will probably
be quite late due to the hazing. That way I don't have to
make my way downstairs and let him in the building.
But I'm not sure I'm up for these surprise visits just yet.
Sure, he didn't mean to drop in uninvited,
he did think I wouldn't be home but still.
Maybe I'll just steal back my keys tonight, we'll see...

Okey, reading through this I realized it was all
kind of skydiving related.
But I really don't have anything else remotely interesting
to write about so there you have it!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The ex-factor x2

One of the more sucky things about seeing someone
or even having a boyfriend really is that sooner or later it often
ends in that person becoming an ex.
It's the bitter truth and we all know it.
Thankfully, most of my previous boys don't
live anywhere nere here so it makes things easier.
Don't think I've mentioned this but I used to live in a crappy
small-town, but almost a year ago
I decided it just wasn't enough for me, quit my job
managed to get an apartment with a friend in the big city
and just took a chance and moved, no job or nothing.
As you've probably guessed it paid off.

Back to my story.
A certain ex of mine who is currently living
in said crappy town has now decided to move.
I'll let you take one guess on where he's decided to go...
Yep, he's coming here...
Can you tell how syked I am about this?
No? Good, you couldn't be more right.
This is bad. Like, maybe this isn't the city for me after all.
Maybe I should move? Screw the fact that I love this city and
basically everything about it,
if he's moving here maybe I should reconsider...

Now, I know I make him out to be a complete monster
but that's not the case. It's just...just complicated, okay?
For starters, we have quite the history between us.
We were a couple for 4 ½ years, starting when we were only 16.
Though we had a lot of great times over the years
there was also the constant drama. Long story,
don't really feel like sharing the details right now.
Anyway, I finally realized I couldn't go on like that.
I loved him, I did,
but I just wasn't IN love with him anymore
and so I broke up with him.
It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

After this we've tried the whole friendship thing
but somehow it just isn't working
and I've felt quite relieved not to have him close by.
Guess that'll all change now.
Why can't he pick somewhere else to move??
I know what will happen and all I got to say is Hello drama...
If I'm lucky maybe he'll even move in next door to me.
That's what he did the last time.
I had lived in my new apartment for just a few months
and out of nowhere he chose to move into the house next to mine...
Oh, the joy...

I did write ex-factor x 2 in my headline
and that is cause at the same time as this is going on
another ex decides to rear its ugly head.
I dated this guy for maybe 2 months before the summer
before he suddenly out of the blue
wasn't feeling the sparks between us
and so we called it off. (a.k.a he dumped me)
Did decide to meet up soon cause the idiot
had given me his spare keys to his place.
I figured he'd call me about them but do ya think he did?

He did contact me in june to tell me he made a mistake
in dumping me and he wanted me back.
Idiot actually thought he had a chance of getting me back.
I played the part of the icequeen and simply asked
when he'd be wanting his keys returned.
I then started my skydiving
and after a week met a certain Skydiver.
Still have the keys in my purse.
Last week however he finally asked for them
and since I was superbusy (yeah right...) all week
we decided to do it this week.
I can't say I'm looking forward to this either.
Though as you can imagine I have no choice
but to look drop-dead gorgeous when we do meet.
If we actually do meet that is,
guy hasn't called me yet this week.
If I had his adress I would mail him his stupid keys
just to get rid of him...

But even if the exes are a huge headache most of the time
and sometimes make you seriously consider celibacy
there are some things that makes it worth it.
Like waking up next to a hot boy
who has his arms around you.
Last night, tonight and probably tomorrow night too.
Me likey a lot!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

V.I.P - That's me!

I am so tired!
Party on Saturday. V.I.P since the club we went to
was being organized by a boyfriend of one of my girls.
This meant our own table
packed with tasty coctails and sparkling wine.

As you can probably imagine we got pretty wasted.
As usual, lots of dancing took place.

At the end of the night we were all up dancing on the tables.
My feet are still in pain from dancing in my new stilettos all night.
Someone even came up to me while dancing just to
say that they were amazed of my dancing in those heels.
And it was so worth the pain!
Such a great night. 5 am I crashed on my couch,
yeah that's right. I didn't even make it to the bed.
Well, not until the stupid sun woke me up
and I dragged my ass into the bedroom, close the blinds
and the door and slept til 4 in the afternoon.

Won't be partying for a couple of weekends now,
I'll be at the dropzone hoping to complete my 5 remaining jumps.
By the end of september I must have my A-certificate.
I'm just hoping the weather won't fuck up my plans,
the wind here these days really isn't meant for skydiving...

Oh yeah, found out what Mr Skydiver
had planned for my birthday. He is taking me scubadiving =)
I had told him I eventually want to achieve a certificat for that too
and apparently he listened to me!
We couldn't do it this weekend though as he had planned.
He couldn't find an instructor, so we'll do it later.

Okay, switching topic now.
I've been having these really annoying dreams lately
( I know it's completely irrelevant to the rest of the world
but it's my blog so you can either read it or not.)
which is totally fucking up my sleap!!
I keep dreaming I'm ill, like fatally, need lots of surgery
and still probably wont make it- ill.
So I figured I'll try and find out what this really means
and searched an online dream interpretaion thingie.
They gave me this answer:

Perhaps you are wallowing in your own self-pity.
You need to quit feeling sorry for yourself.

Tnx a lot.
And on that note, I'll be getting back to work now.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, and we're one day closer to the weekend!!

Okay, so no wild and crazy poledancing for me this weekend.
(saving that for next weekend)
Instead I accompanied some friends to
the Casino
where I had planned on loosing some money.
Instead my wallet was
packed with cash by the time I got home!!
Never thought I was such an amazing
pokerplayer did ya, huh huh??

Okey, I admit it. I'm a crappy liar.
I actually suck at poker. I won the money
in one of those
slot machines that are almost always occupied
by grannys who spend hours at the same machine
with a bucket of coins between their legs.
But not this time granny!!

When I realized I had actually won
what would be about 50 USD
I naturally proceeded to push the "cash out" button
but instead on starting to spew out coins at me
the machine said to call an attendant.
One came over and guess what??
I actually didn't win 50, no no,
I won 50 x 5!! I walked away from there with no less than
250 USD!!
(to the rest of you that might not be a lot of money,
but to me it's a fortune. At least this month.
I got more bills than I've had in like forever, so back off!)

Think I'll celebrate my winnings with a new pair of shoes.
I told Mr Skydiver about my plans for the cash.
He started counting my collection of shoes
and then he just shook his
head in disbelief and told me I was crazy.
Good thing I didn't tell him
that I have more than the ones he saw...
He would never understand, boys never do.

Oh, that's right.
Better inform you guys
that I've gone off the single market again.
Apparently the ideas I had about things being shitty
between me and Mr Skydiver were all in my head.
And I know I've said it before but trust me when I say it's
worth repeating. He's HOT!!
But you know what that means don't you?
Chances of him turning out to be a complete asshole
are that much higher...
But, we'll see. I'll keep you updated of course.

Lessons learnt during the weekend:

# I'm a better bowler when pissed off.
Went bowling with a friend and her boyfriend on Friday
and I don't really remember exactly what he said
but I know it made me furious. I took out my agression
on the poor innocent pins and suddenly bowled strike after strike
after strike after..well you get the picture?
This coming from the same girl who last time I bowled
threw the bowling ball behind me instead of at the pins.

# Apparently I suck at poolplaying
(or billiard or whatever you wanna call it)
and loosing to a guy pisses me off so much I could easily
bowl 10 strikes in a row. Mr Skydiver whopped my ass yesterday.
Next time we play I'll make sure he's drunk, or that I am,
don't really know which alternative would be best.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Freaky Friday

I got a comment from miss Bottleblonde in my last post saying:

-Let me get this straight. You are a young, thin and limber hot girl who has no problem contorting herself to demonstrate her flexibility? Am I the only one in the room who notices the irony here - that you are dating only ONE guy?!

That got me thinking and I decided she's absolutely right!
(and also the way things are going with Mr Skydiver I
think that number just went down to me dating zero guys)

So now I'm "open for business again."

In addition to what Blondie just said about me I have a hot ass,
big boobs (real, I might add)
and sometimes I suspect I might be a nymphomaniac.

I actually have very high standards for potential dates but
reviewing the most recent guys I've been involved with
I can say that if you have muscular arms or nice abs
those standards usually go out the window
as soon as you take off your shirt...

And hey, why not? Girls are welcome to play too.
I don't seem to understand guys so maybe I'll have better
luck with the girls? But you better be hot.

Any applications for a date can be sent to stiletto84@blogspot.com

Think I'll go out tomorrow. The goal is for
me to get incredibly drunk and dance until my feet starts bleeding.
Won't be too hard though, don't take much alcohol
for that to happen and since I only go out dancing in
shoes that make my feet bleed at the mere sight of them
I guess I'll be barefoot on the way home or grab a taxi as usual.

Note to self before going out tomorrow:
ERASE Mr Skydivers phonenumber in the interest
of sparing myself the embarassment of waking up on Sunday,
going trough the Sent Messages-bin in my phone and discovering
the drunken messages I sent him that sounded sooo good
in my drunken state but in the bitter daylight makes me look
like a complete lunatic. Which I am.
But no reason for him to know that.

Have a great weekend!
Make sure you drink a lot,
dance on the tables or around the occasional pole,
locate the hottest person in the club
bring him/her home and have loads of crappy drunken sex
that you'll regret in the morning when the person
next to you looks nothing like the hottie you spotted the night before...
Kick him out and then order a pizza.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kids, don't try this at home!

I really should not be blogging right now. I should be busy working,
actually have a lot to at work these days...but it's just sooo boring!
...and did I mention that my boss wont be coming
by the office anything this week?
That equals me doing my job for about 30 % of the time, what I do with
the rest of the time is an unsolved mystery.
But in my defense...okay I don't really have a defense,
I'm just a bad person.

And apparently I am also a way more clumpsy person
than I could ever imagine.
Just seconds after I wrote that last piece up there
I had the brilliant idea of showing my co-workers exactly how
far up in the air I could stretch my leg. (don't ask why)
Now, you're probably thinking I pulled something while stretching
but nono, I used to dance so I'm pretty limber.


in some weird twisted way, somehow, don't ask me why,
I managed to hurt my wrist. I think I kicked it,
again don't ask me how. And since I have very weak wrists
it don't really take much for them to fail on me completely.
So now I'm stuck with my left hand being completely useless
and wrapped in a white elastic bandage.
I had no idea just how annoying typing with only
one hand could be. Writing this post took me like forever.
And now because I am handicapped my 30 % will naturally
drop to maybe 15. Pure logic.

Well, one more hour. Then I can leave this place
and go do more fulfilling things...yeah as if!
I'll be spending my evening doing laundry.
I am almost at the point now where I'll be forced to go
to work either naked or wrapped in my bedding
since that will soon be the only clean thing I'll find in my apartment.
But hey, could make for an interesting workday.
Some companys do have Casual Friday but since
everyday here is casual maybe we could have Naked Friday instead?
I'll run that one by the boss on Monday. Maybe I could do it naked?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boys give me headache

Fuck. Think I'm well on my way of fucking this relationship up
before it's hardly even gotten started.
Or maybe it's him or not me, I don't know. I only know
that something doesnt feel right. Small things that maybe aren't so
small, but actually rather important. I don't know how to handle this.
I'm lost. Fuck.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pity me, please do.

I think I broke the record in sneezing yesterday.
And no, i'm not exaggerating one bit. Would I lie??

Came down with this stupid cold on friday and from there
it only got worse. I got myself a new best friend this weekend,
his name is aspirin and we have gotten very close. Maybe he can replace
one of my other supposedly good friends,
namely the one who seems to have forgotten that
said sickie turned 23 last tuesday. I still havent heard from her!!
That's bad right? And that's coming from me, I have the memory
of a senile goldfish and I have some experience in forgetting
friends birthdays. BUT, while I may forget
to give congrats on the actual date
I ALWAYS, with no exception, suddenly remember
and correct my horrific mistake within maybe 2 days.
Tomorrow she will have had a week to step out of the senile state
she apparently is in nowadays.
She is coming very close to being cut from my christmas list...

As I suspected I finally got to see my hot Skydiver this weekend.
He has planned a surprise in honour of me getting one step closer
to wrinkles and getting generally uglier....I wanna be 18 again...
Whoops, got a little sidetracked there.
Anyway, he has something planned for 25th or 26th
and the only thing he has told me is that I can't be hungover.
That's a bit much to ask, don't you think??
I mean we are talking about a sat or sunday here,
who is not hungover then??
It cant be skydiving since I have yet to complete
my trainingjumps and get my A-certificate so now I'm very curious.
Even if I don't know what to expect just yet
I still think it was a great thing to give me something like that
rather than something material.
We havent been seeing each other for very long
and gifts are always tricky in the beginning.
Thankfully his birthday was in june so I don't have to worry
about what I'll get him. Well, not until christmas anyways
and maybe by then I will have gotten bored with him.
...I'm such a bitch.

By the way, I'm still sick, feeling like crap,
looking exactly the way I feel and where am I?
At work. I am stupid. That's all I have to say.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Missed me?

Okay, so I'm back from my week-long trip to Iceland.
It's been so great to finally have returned there.
I mean, it's been 8 years since I was there the last time.
Back then I stayed for the entire summer,
working with my cousin at a park, took a trip to London
for some serious shopping (gotta love the sales)
and also managed to loose my virginity to an icelandic guy named Garðar.
That's an okey summer, wouldn't u say?

Anyway, back to this trip.

First of all I know I might get hated now for writing this
but since I don't even know if anyone reads this crap I don't care.
All u fat people, stop flying!
Okey, that was a bit harsh. But at least could you start paying
for two seats at the plane or maybe we could have a fat section??
Just as long as I don't have to sit next to you.
Same goes for all you smelly people.
Feels so good to have gotten that out of my system.
Feel free to hate on me now. It's okey, I can take it.

Besides hating on fat and smelly people
I have been to the Blue Lagoon (if u ever visit Iceland
make sure you go there, it's really nice) and covered
my face in the white Silica clay that is supposed to be great for the skin.
Although while I was wearing that white mask I felt more like
Charlize Theron in "Monster". But I worked it.

Finally, I can also say that I have tried
out the partyscene in Reykjavik and unfortunately
I have to say I am a little disapointed. Not beacuse
I didn't have fun, cause I sure did without a doubt!
But because I had expected more, at least when it comes to
the places we went to. They were a bit small.
But if we igonore the size of the clubs I loved it.

We started our Saturday at the brother of a co-worker
of my cousins on and off-boyfriend. Do ya follow?
Played an icelandic drinking game (alcohol is the universal language)
and then some Singstar where I kicked some serious ass.
Me and my cousin then proceeded to the first club
stayed there for a couple of hours dancing provocatively
with the co-worker and his brother and then onto the next one
doing exactly the same thing here until 6 am sunday morning.
The fact that said brother has a girlfriend
wasn't all too obvious when we were dancing...
Me in front of him dancing all stripper-style,
cause that's what I do when I'm drunk
(okey, who do I think I'm fooling? I always dance like that)
let's just say he seemed to appreciate it a little too much.
Down boy, down.

My Visa was very pleased with the night as well.
The only money I spent was the junk-food I ate before
I decided to call it a night/morning/lunch, whatever you want to call it.
The rest of the night got taken care of by the guys.
But I now feel obligated to make a statement.
I usually don't do this. I'm always paying for my own drinks
when I'm out clubbing here in Sweden. I'm not one of "those" girls
who let the guys buy the drinks for them and then just disapear.
But that's Sweden, this was Iceland and I felt quite poor.
Do you know how much they charge for a Smirnoff Ice
or a Bacardi Breazer in Reykjavik?
Too bloody much.
And these wasn't just some random guys either.
They had the pleasure of our company the entire night.
Stripper-style dancing included for the both of them.
You should be so lucky.

Said brother then got ordered home by his girlfriend.
He even tried kissing me before leaving.
My guess - he went home, had some drunken sex with his girl
with the lights off and pictured it was me he was doing.
The male sex is so predictable sometimes.
And yeah, I might sound self-centered and shit
but had you been there you'd know what I mean.

Me? I only picture myself with a certain skydiver
whom I have yet to see since returning to Svíþjóð. (sweden in icelandic)
He's working late this week and I start at 8. Not a good combo.
I might have to wait til the weekend. On Saturday
me and the girls are going to dinner and party to celebrate the fact that
me and another girl turned 23 this week. Yeah, that's right.
On tuesday I became one year older...don't really get why that
is something you should celebrate but hey a party is a party.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Iceland - Here I come

Well tecnically it's not until tomorrow
but I'm guessing this is the only time I will have to update before I leave.
I'm also guessing that I'll have to wait until I get back home
before I update again. Poor chances of me getting access to a computer
and quite honestly I don't care. I have more important things planned
than spending my time in front of the computer.

Damn, I'm sooo tired. 1 hour.
That's how much sleep I got tonight in total.
That's so not good and such bad timing.
That's so me.

So until next week, take care!

So much to do, so little time...

This weekend has just flown by soo fast!
Mr Skydiver (I like that name, think I'll stick with calling him that)
came by on Friday and stayed until Saturday afternoon
and after that it was time to meet the girls for some partying.
It felt like it had been ages since I got to party
and I really needed to dance soo bad!!
And then I convinced my guy to come in and join us
so some of my friends got to meet him =)
All in all, a great night with a lot of dancing.
Just the way I like it.

And now I'm completely stressed out.
On Wednesday I'm going to Iceland for a week
and I still havent prepared at all!
I don't even think I have a suitcase so after work I will have to
go on a search for that. I also have to do my laundry
cause I have practically no clean clothes at all.
+ I have to call my grandmother in Iceland
and find out if anyone can come and pick me up at the airport
or if I have to find other transportations to Reykjavik.
To make matters worse I don't know if I'll be needing
my passport or not. I'm hoping I don't since my passport is
at my parents place, three hours by car from here...
You see where I'm going with this? I'm a complete mess
and I will probably miss my flight or something.

When will I learn not to postpone all these important things??

And if I had taken care of all these things earlier
I could have joined My Skydiver instead.
Guess what he's doing today?
Of course he's going skydiving...
Damn, I'm stupid.
At least he's coming to my place afterwards =P

Friday, July 27, 2007

Skydiving romance?

I forgot to mention another nice thing that my new interest gave me.
A hot hot skydiver. Me likey!

2 weeks ago I spent an entire weekend + 3 days skydiving.
Me and the rest of the AFF-course were there
hoping to complete at least our level 1 jumps
but also to get to know the rest of the skydivers.
One guy in particular caught my eye, damn he was HOT!
Nothing really happened, but you could feel that there was something there.
Apparently he felt the same cause on saturday the weekend after
he questioned another girl from my AFF-course about me.
Asked her for advice on how he was going to get me.
Cute as hell =P

She gave him my phonenumber and he contacted me following week
and asked me if I wanted to come along for some skydiving.
Hell yeah! So Monday and Tuesday we took roadtrips after work
and finally Tuesday things heated up. When he was dropping me off
at home he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie or something
and after that things went quite easy =)

Went back to The dropzone on Wednesday
and was a bit nervous about how we were going to act
while surrounded by the other skydivers...
but apparently I did'nt need to worry.
He came up and kissed me in front of all the others.
And then he spend the night at my place again.
Ahh, sometimes life is good :P

I did it again

I'm a cheater.
In the past month or so I have had in total
maybe 4 different blogs. I just can't seem to find the right tool
to use when I'm sharing my very exciting life. (it is actually, pinky-swear!!)
But who knows, maybe I'm home now.

Just a quickie on who I am.
I am a soon to be 23-year old shoeaholic.
I have recently started skydiving,
the goal is to have my A-certificate very soon so I can start
leaping out of the plane on my own. Sounds crazy? It is,
but hey, that's me! The day before yeasterday I completed level 4
meaning I have 2 more trainingjumps to go + one examination.
After that I make 3 jumps all on my own and after that
I am officially a turkey. That's what they call us newbies.

There are no words that can really describe the feeling
you get when you skydive. I will just state the obvious,
It's amazing!!